The Baby Consultant Event

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I just want to thank Vanessa for once again providing an amazing event, The Baby Workshop | The Baby Consultant is a wonderful afternoon tea full of the latest and greatest baby and mummy items.

Featuring tips on how to pack your hospital bag, demos on the best baby and nursery items and most importantly, lots of advice and information on what to expect in those first few hours, days and months of having your newborn baby.

Guest speakers include Newborn Sleepytime with Jo Ryan from Babybliss and Feeding Your Baby with Narelle Dwyer, Lactation Consultant both who are highly commended in midwife care.

If you are first, second, third, even tenth time mum, this is a lovely way to meet other mums who are also due near your due date, gain lots of information on what to expect, what not to buy and the best products on the market.

I promise, you will have a blast, I really enjoy attending Vanessa’s events…

Oh, and one last thing, the prizes! I swear Vanessa is the Ellen DeGeneres of the baby world! LOTS of gifts + prizes, and you don’t want to miss out on the goodie box, it’s jam packed full of the most lavish baby items you will be gifted!

5 thoughts on “The Baby Consultant Event

  1. wow! this is a great idea on so many levels! what a great event to attend and document. i’ll bet it’s so helpful for soon-to-be mamas!

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by! It is a fantastic event for mums to be. Unlike walking into a baby shop, and not knowing where to start, this event really allows you to touch, try out and learn about the items which will be most used. Vanessa always does a great job and is well organized. Xx Allysha

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