The renowned Australian photographer Erin Elizabeth Hoskins is the founder of Erin Elizabeth Photography. She is known for her work as a family photographer since she has been awarded internationally for her maternity and newborn photographs.

She has more than half a million followers and Facebook fans worldwide.

Erin has been creating gorgeous and high-quality works of photographic art for all her clients since 2008. Through all these years, she has experienced many ups and downs but has always used photography as a means to get back up and strive to be better each day.

What led this talented woman to enter the world of photography was the sad loss of her first pregnancy. She was utterly devastated by this and found that she needed something to channel all that she felt, with her passion for photography becoming a powerful aid.

Erin used her beautiful creative photoshoots to express all her love for the motherly experience.

Back when she entered the photography industry, Erin started her business mainly with family photos, babies, and children. By 2009 she started working with newborns’ photos and in the year 2012, she added motherly content to her photo portfolios.

Erin was chosen as the world’s number one family photographer in 2017, and one of the world’s most recognized educators and photographers of newborn babies. She has become one of the most prominent leaders in the photographic industry, with her expert use of natural light becoming a signature apparent in the outstanding results.

In addition to photoshoots, Erin organizes many photography workshops for professional photographers either in Australia or internationally. Also, she provides a type of 1 to 1 and 1 to 2 tutoring in her studio located in Perth, for all those who are looking for highly detailed and personalized tutoring.

Although this highly personalized teaching is ideal, there is another alternative for those that want to take one of Erin’s workshops fitting those that are unable to travel. She has recently put together a widely popular series of educational videos, where she teaches you everything about the world of photography.

Through these videos, you will be able to learn all the things she teaches in her face-to-face workshops and with the advantage of doing it on your own time, fitting your schedule. The videos are downloadable, which means you won’t even need a permanent Internet connection to view them.

All in all, Erin Elizabeth Hoskins is a well-rounded professional that has seamlessly combined her photography skills with a teaching vocation, which makes her an ideal mentor. Her growth may have been motivated by tragedy, but watching her photoshoots surely brings light to the lives of mothers, families, and babies that she captures in her flawless images.

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