Our Story 250x285 - Our StoryEmily Waters, a charming Australian and employee placement specialist, wanted to make herself known throughout the photography industry. She specialized in pregnancy and newborn photoshoots.

This idea arose after having spent 6 years working in an office, as Emily felt that she did not want to continue this office job. Something told her that she could exploit her talent in another way.

It was there when she developed a passion for photography and to give it a place in her life. After this, she began to specialize in these kinds of photoshoots, as she knew that the photographer’s life was complicated.

There were times of hard work and times when she had to live on savings, but she trusted that it was the best for her and her family.

As for photography, she already had some experience, because whenever a friend was pregnant, she was the one doing the photoshoots. Emily just needed to learn about handling babies and how to keep them safe while setting up to take beautiful photos.

This led her to take on a lot of training before starting in the field of ​​professional photography, led by the best photographer in the field, the well-known Catalina Ávila. At the same time, she began training with the Responsible Photography team.

She professionalized her anatomy, physiology, and management of the newborns within the set.

Thus, both Emily and the team set out to shape and realize this great project that is now known As Pure Art Newborn Photography.