Pure Baby Newborn Photography

Your newborn is pure art, and there is no better way to celebrate the new life that you have created then with your pure newborn as the centre focus of your photographs.

Capturing your newborn baby in their sweet innocence, the details, lashes, lips, fingers and toes. Capturing their first smiles or that eyes wide open glance that melted your heart for the first time.

As your photographer, Allysha works with your newborn baby to feature several natural and beautifully perfect poses using accessories such as mini blankets, knitted layers, headbands and hand made bonnets and cute little outfits for your baby.

Everything that is needed for a safe and successful photography shoot, however you are most welcome to bring your own items to be included into the photography shoot.

Before your photography shoot takes place, you will choose your colour options, styling and theme of your photography shoot.

Most families choose to go with their nursery theme or colour theme for their newborn baby portraits whilst other families choose to go with neutral colour bases and add in hints of colour.

Pure Baby by Pure.Art is offered for newborns aged one week to four weeks of age and pre-bookings while pregnant are essential however last moment appointments can some times be catered for.

Investment from $495

Frequently asked questions about newborn photography

Q) I am not a fan of props, I prefer more posed portraits
A) It’s fantastic that you know what you like and do not like. Pure Baby Art photo shoots are designed to capture your baby in their glory. No props, just sweet and beautiful newborn goodness.

Q) Do all babies sleep?
A) YES! We have a very good posing flow to ensure from start to finish that your newborn baby will sleep through (most) of your photography shoot. If your baby decides to be awake for part of their photography shoot, we will take advantage of this time and do awake photographs.

Q) What if my baby doesn’t sleep?
A) If your baby doesn’t sleep, we will work on capturing your newborn with their eyes open. We are yet to have a newborn not sleep through the photo shoot.

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