Newborn photographic art for the connoisseur who desires the finer things in life.

Newborn as Art by Pure.Art Newborn Photography offers custom styled and creative designed one off art pieces featuring your brand new baby.

Each piece is historically created to feature your story, family history, culture or reflect a significant moment in your life. Due to the personalized and sentimental value of each of Baby as Art pieces, each piece is a one of a kind and will not be repeated. We would love to talk to you and find more about your story and how we can reflect this into a visual art piece.

Included in your Baby as Art photography shoot experience will be access to the international prop collection, featuring globally sourced, hand crafted, antique and historical props. From French baby beds through to rustic carts sourced from India, wooden hand-made bowls from South East Asia, and of course florals and hand crafted nests made here, in Melbourne, Australia.

Adding to the props are the hand made pure lamb felts, hand crafted accessories such as bonnets, head pieces and other beautiful hand selected accenting pieces.

During your photography shoot, Allysha will pose your brand new baby with precision and attention to detail. Focusing on the fine details, getting each aspect of the photograph, perfect before the photograph is taken.

Your Newborn as Art photography shoot will take place when your baby is aged between 5 to 10 days of age. This is when your newborn is ultimately most newborn, and the best results will be possible.

For each Baby as Art piece, the ‘set ups’ are all custom created to feature the trending colour styles and themes of the decor of your home.

Investment from $695
Bookings while pregnant are essential due to the customised natured of Newborn as Art. Generally we recommend booking while 15-25 weeks pregnant.

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