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And he is off …

Just Friday gone I sent my big *little* boy off to prep, something which we never thought would be possible given the challenges we faced in finding the right school which would be able to feel safe in, given his extensive and life threatening allergies.

It was such an amazing day sending him off to school for his first day, packing his school bag, introducing him to his new teacher and kissing him on the cheek goodbye for the next few hours.

A moment that I never could of imagined a possibility 7 years ago to even be a mum, let alone a mum to the sweetest most deserving little boy in the world. My little boy is the result of many many IVF cycles, losses and heart break.

And trust me, the hours of Friday felt like they took days to go by. But finally it was 3pm and time to pick up my little man.

That car trip home was one which will stay with me for a very long time. He was so full of questions, sharing stories, telling me about his friends he made and what he learned.

As Monday rolled around and his drop off and pick up were much like the first day, again he had so much to tell me. He missed me, he loves me and he wants to share with me, his world.

I need to listen, to support and to ask questions about his day.

My boy needs his momma and his momma needs to put the phone down and be there to support him back. To let him know he is my world.

So, mum’s and mum’s to be, please know that during the hours of 9:30am to 2:30pm is a wonderful time for us to chat.

As at 3pm, I am my little boys momma, his world and I need to support my little one through these life changing years of his life.