Abby: So Tiny | So Sweet

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts ~ Winnie the Pooh
What a beautiful newborn baby girl Abby is. So teenie tiny at all of 2.46kg on the day of her photography session. Sweet and petite, Abby was a joy to have the honour of photographing (already such a little model) Abby also has her very own newborn photography album from her newborn photography session with Pure.Art, what a beautiful gift to give your daughter Eunice, she will forever cherish you documenting such a fleeting moment in her life.

Melbourne Newborn Photography

We had newborn smiles too! What an adorable smiley face Abby has!

Melbourne Newborn Photography


Abby was a dream to pose. At only over a week old, she rolled through the poses effortlessly.
newborn photographer in melbourne newborn photographer melbourne

On the morning of Abby’s portraits, the beautiful spring flowers had just started to bloom. It was lovely to include the seasonal Cherry Blossoms that I had sourced at a nearby local farm (Thank you to the D-family!!) I had been waiting a year to take a few clippings from your beautiful trees!

Melbourne Newborn Photography

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