Melbourne Newborn Photography by Pure.Art


Melbourne Newborn Photography by Pure.Art Newborn Photography captures creative, artistic and beautiful portraits of your newborn baby in the first few weeks of life.


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Hello Baby Calendar 2017 Newborn Search

For the very first time, Pure.Art are putting together a very special calendar and we would like to invite you to be a part of it. If you are welcoming a new family member into the family during March 2017 until July 2017, we would love to hear from you. Find out more information here


Baby & Infant Photography

Melbourne Baby Photographer Pure.Art  does also offer photography shoots for babies between 6-9 months of age. During your exclusive photography portrait session you will have access to the international prop collection and use of all of the beautiful hand made baby outfits offered in studio. Laying on tummy, smiles, sitting, standing ~ don’t let these milestones pass you by. Before you know it, your baby will be a toddler. Find out more about Pure.Art Baby Photography


Pregnancy & Maternity Photography

It’s time to celebrate! Fun portrait photography in studio, including family photography or intimate couples photography that captures the priceless memories of pregnancy. Studio Maternity Photography is glamorous, beautiful and natural capturing your beautiful belly at it’s finest Find out more about Pure.Art Maternity Photography

Melbourne Family Photography

Capturing your family photography, naturally, formal and fun, all rolled in to one. We have selected some of the best locations around Melbourne for family photography and we invite you to join us in our fun filled family photography shoots. Find out more information about Melbourne Family Photography Shoots with Pure.Art here

Whimsical Children’s Photography

Creating beautiful and meaningful images has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and you are invited to join me in creating art work of your child’s imagination. Find out more information about Whimsical Children’s Photographer in Melbourne

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Newborn Photography Safety
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Birth Announcement Cards
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30 thoughts on “Melbourne Newborn Photography by Pure.Art

  1. Hi. I’m looking to have a session with my baby daughter. She ten weeks at the moment so id like to have pictures done ASAP. If you have any space in January that’d be fantastic. Thank you. Claudia.

    1. Hi Claudia, thank you for contacting Pure.Art Newborn Photography. We have just sent through information on our upcoming baby week. You are also welcome to call us on 0409005122. Congratulations on your baby and we can’t wait to photograph you!

    1. Hi Ramma
      Congratulations on your newborn baby! As per our phone call, you are all booked in and Allysha looks forward to seeing you on Saturday.
      With Thanks
      Pure.Art Newborn Photography

  2. To book a maternity, newborn or baby photography experience with Allysha of Pure.Art Newborn Photography please call 0409005122 or email Servicing all of Melbourne and Victoria and surrounding

    Newborn Photography by Pure.Art specializes in Newborn Photography, Baby Photography and Maternity Photography in Melbourne, Victoria. Please contact us for more information or to book a session

    Pure.Art is a premier baby, children’s and pregnancy photographer in Melbourne, Allysha’s photos of pregnant women are unique and intimate. She specializes in newborns, babies, children and family photography. Pure.Art Photography is located in South Morang, Melbourne, Victoria. Specializing in fine art newborn, maternity and baby portraiture.

    Pregnancy Photography Allysha Nicole is your Melbourne pregnancy photographer. Her ability to capture the beauty of pregnancy is utterly astounding yet at the same time unsurprising given her love of the pregnant female form. This is a time when the body is ripe with energy and life.

    Using photography as a medium to express that potential being realized is one of Allysha’s true passions in life. Her Melbourne maternity portraits encapsulate the essence of her subjects and allow the beauty of this stage of life to be clearly seen. She can do this with whatever level of clothing or undress will make you feel comfortable. Your boundaries are always respected. The end goal is to deliver you the photographs that will show the true magnificence of the female form as it allows life to grow inside it. More information o Melbourne Pregnancy Photography Pregnancy, Newborn, And Family Photography Allysha Nicole is your Melbourne maternity photographer. She does not limit herself strictly to maternity photography, however. She also photographs families and children. She revels in the experience of capturing life on camera in all its forms whether it is growing inside or running around on little legs.

    Newborn Photography Family photography can begin early with Melbourne newborn portraits. As a Melbourne newborn photographer she captures in photographs those precious moments that you will want to keep with you for a lifetime. Allysha understands the special circumstances that come along with photographing newborns and makes the process as easy on you as possible. More information on Melbourne Newborn Photography Melbourne Newborn Photography by Pure.Art can deliver the pregnancy, newborn, and family photographs that you will love. She loves what she does. Your photographs will show that.

    Come and see Pure.Art at the 2014 Melbourne Pregnancy, Baby and Childrens Expo in October 2015

  3. Hi,
    I would like to buy a vaucher for baby photography for friends who recently got their baby and live in Melbourne. Could you please write me some details on price, number of photography ond so on.

    1. Hi Margareta, thank you for commenting on our blog. Pure.Art Newborn Photography would be delighted in organizing a gift voucher for your friend, please call our office on 0409005122 and we can organize this with you. Thank you for contacting Pure.Art and we look forward to hearing from you! Kind Regards, Allysha Pure Art Newborn Photography

  4. Dear Miss Bexton

    I am currently completing a Diploma of Photo Imaging at CATC Design School (a part of
    THINK Education) in Melbourne, Australia. As part of our course-work, we are required to interview a
    photographer who inspires us, and specialises in the field of photography we’d like to
    pursue. We are to ask between 6-10 questions about their career, their work and their
    perspective on current trends within the specialised genre.
    As you are a respected photographer who I hold in high regard, Iʼd love to know more
    about your work and regarding how you present your portfolio, I am hoping you might be able to spare some time to answer my

    1. Hi Fatma Ali,
      Thank you so much for getting in contact with me, it is lovely to hear that my work inspires you.
      I would love to make an appointment time in my studio for you to meet with me so I can answer all of your questions and inspire you further on bringing your art work to life.
      You can reach me directly on 0409005122
      I really look forward to hearing from you.
      Kind Regards, Allysha

  5. Hi, I am looking to organise a photography shoot for my friend who lives in Melbourne and had a baby this week – could you let me know if this is possible and also an idea of some pricing for the photos/prints or digital files if this an option? What is your availability over the next month?

    1. Hi Catherine
      Thanks for your blog post comment, we are only seeing this now!
      Unfortunately, my schedule is booked out and we are unable to accept any additional bookings at this time.
      Kind Regards,

  6. Newborn Photography needs to be planned carefully, so it is best to book early, preferably during your pregnancy. It is best performed in the first two weeks of life to achieve beautiful and sleepy portraits.

  7. Meg – I’m a sucker for the mama-baby pcuitres. I love the black & white ones especially. My favorite is the first big b&w one and the last one on the left also the profile shot where it looks like the baby is laughing See you soon! Love these! You are welcome to snap photos of our baby as much as you want this weekend you know, just hone the craft and all Love you!December 12, 2011 7:31 am

  8. Hi I’m due in early April, and I’m wanting new born photos done. Could you plz send me some info on yourself including prices and availability plz ! Thanks Bianca

    1. Hi Bianca
      Thank you for your blog post comment. Please contact me (Tina) on 0409005122 for your personalized quote.
      I will also be in touch shortly via email to find out more about your enquiry.
      Thanks, Tina
      Personal Assistant

    1. Hi Janine
      Thank you for your blog post comment. Please contact me (Tina) on 0409005122 for your personalized quote.
      I will also be in touch shortly via email to find out more about your enquiry.
      Thanks, Tina
      Personal Assistant

  9. Hi there, I’m interested in your maternity and newborn baby photograph service. Could you provide a quote please?
    My daughter is pregnant and the baby will be born in august then I would like to give a special gift;
    Could you please write me some details on price, number of photography,. and if you have some special package and so on;


    1. Hi Conceição
      Thank you for your blog post comment. Please contact me (Tina) on 0409005122 for your personalized quote.
      Thanks, Tina
      Personal Assistant

    1. Hi Monika
      Thank you for your blog post comment. Please contact me (Tina) on 0409005122 for your personalized quote.
      I will also be in touch shortly via email to find out more about your enquiry.
      Thanks, Tina
      Personal Assistant

  10. Hello. I have a one week old. Can you please supply costs for a newborn shoot? Also we have a 4. Year old we’d like included for a family photo if possible.

    1. Hi Dina, thanks for your web page comment.
      We are booked out for 2017 and hope that we can work with you in the future.
      Kind Regards, Pure Art

  11. Looking for a cake smash photo shoot for my one year old son. Please contact me to discuss the details.


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